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Rudraksha Exhibition : 2015 October 31st to November 8th at KTDC Chaithram Hotel, Thirvuanathapuram.

Divinity has itís own abodes, modes of action and autonomous powers, eternally. Rudraksha is the might packed gift of the God for all goodness and wellness of human beings. From the mother nature, it originated like Ganga in Himalayas, flows to everybody with luck, grace and salvation. Knowing Rudraksha is the prime wisdom and wearing Rudraksha is the ultimate ritual, according to the great puranas and epics.

What is Rudraksha

Rudrakshais a seed of a tree named Rudraksha. This tree is big as a Champaka (Champa) tree. Rudraksha is nearly round in shape, but according to the increase in face, its shape becomes oval. The bead Rudraksha covered with its fruit. When growing, the Rudraksha,s colour remain green,and in maaturity, its becomes bright blue
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Rudraksha Kavacham

Kavacham is a sanskrit term, which means the armour. An armour will protect the wearer both in conscious and unconscious. Likewise, a Rudraksha Kavacham protects the wearer in material, mental and spiritual aspects alike. As mentioned before, each faceted Rudraksha bead represents particular planets and forms of God or Devathas.
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